Parsing < and <

Luke (
Thu, 20 Apr 95 15:49:23 EDT

Is there any difference between &#60 and < etc. in current html 2.0
spec? I can't seem to find a authoritative answer. I noticed an "anomaly"
in netscape 1.1b3 today: it "eats" the following html fragment:


i.e., it seems to unescape &#NN first then feed it to the parser...


is displayed as <stuff> though. All other browsers I've tried (lynx 2.3,
MacWeb 1.0a3, Netscape 1.0N) display both as <stuff>.

I was wondering which is the correct behavior. I suspect it might be a bug
in 1.1b...but since they changed it over 1.0N...there might be a change in
the spec. If so, I would oppose the change. Anyone can give me some
reasons? Thanks.


Luke Y. Lu