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Brian Gaines (
Mon, 24 Apr 95 04:25:58 EDT

Comments to html draft: <draft-ietf-html-specv3-00.txt>

In /HTML_3.0/latin1.html

Numerical Character References

The acute and grave accents have been consistently reversed in the table.
In general grave comes beforew acute in ISO-8859/1.

For example,

&192; Capital A, acute accent
&193; Capital A, grave accent

should be

&192; Capital A, grave accent
&193; Capital A, acute accent

and so on for

&200; Capital E, acute accent
&201; Capital E, grave accent
&204; Capital I, acute accent
&205; Capital I, grave accent
&210; Capital O, acute accent
&211; Capital O, grave accent
&217; Capital U, acute accent
&218; Capital U, grave accent
&224; Small a, acute accent
&225; Small a, grave accent
&232; Small e, acute accent
&233; Small e, grave accent
&236; Small i, acute accent
&237; Small i, grave accent
&242; Small o, acute accent
&243; Small o, grave accent
&249; Small u, acute accent
&250; Small u, grave accent


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