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Bernie J Scholz (scholz@oceana.crd.ge.com)
Wed, 26 Apr 95 11:01:01 EDT

Please indulge what may be a silly question that's been nagging at me:

Why is the same element used for the tabstop specification and the tab

as Dave Ragget writes:

> For TABs you first define where you want the tab stop
> to be with <tab id=t1 align=char char=".">
> On subsequent lines you use <tab to=t1> followed by a number (or string)

Having the same element for both is confusing. What should happen if I
mix attributes? Ex: <tab id="t1" to="t2" align="char" char=".">

It seems to me that these are both different kinds of element types.
Why can't we have a separate element for a tabstop specification? A
new element for the tabstop (perhaps called TABSTOP or TABSPEC) could
be split off of the current TAB element (leaving TAB to just indicate
where tabular alignment should occur).

My apologies if I missed an earlier discussion or resolution of this

- Bernie Scholz

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