Re: SGML is an _ugly_ solution to an _elegant_ problem [was: Parsing < and <]

Gavin Nicol (
Wed, 26 Apr 95 12:33:57 EDT

>> SGML is really like that. But it can't be any other way, because the
> problem it solves is not an elegant problem and does not admit of an
>Get real. Er, ahem. I disagree. :-)

Well, I can understand where Dan is coming from, but I think there
really is a middle road here. SGML had many conflicting requirements
(among them was making the typists job easier), and SGML represents a
somewhat baroque answer to all of the demands ;-)

One important fact: SGML *is* a standard, and one gaining wider and
wider acceptance. That alone makes it something to take notice of.

In as far as tractable subsets go, I really like the TEI subset, but I
guess I've said that before...

>But I'd really rather get on to distributed objects, virtual reality,
>and other more interesting stuff. These linguistics problems were
>solved in the '60s and '70s, for chrissakes!

Couldn't agree more here. Distributed objects are the future, and the
sonner they come they better.