Re: REL and REV attributes (Was: More comments on HTML 3.0)

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 27 Apr 95 13:42:24 EDT

> Ok, so let me get back to my suggestion earlier this week that we need a
> way to represent a "backup" command in HTML. The current state of affairs
> is that many authors put "go back to ..." links in. But, the intent is
> often to go back to where you just came from. This interfers with the
> browser's history mechanism, which is another "backup" command.

What with web-walkers and full-text search indices of the net these
days, I'd rather have 'backup' mean 'go back to the place that you
would have come from if you'd followed a normal route to this, rather
than some index or hotlist entry'. From that point of view, a URL that
merely invoked the browser's "back" button wouldn't be useful.