Re: REL and REV attributes (Was: More comments on HTML 3.0

Dirk Herr-Hoyman (
Thu, 27 Apr 95 15:47:09 EDT

At 6:02 PM 4/27/95, Ian Graham wrote:
>> > Ok, so let me get back to my suggestion earlier this week that we need a
>> > way to represent a "backup" command in HTML. The current state of affairs
>> > is that many authors put "go back to ..." links in. But, the intent is
>> > often to go back to where you just came from. This interfers with the
>> > browser's history mechanism, which is another "backup" command.
>> What with web-walkers and full-text search indices of the net these
>> days, I'd rather have 'backup' mean 'go back to the place that you
>> would have come from if you'd followed a normal route to this, rather
>> than some index or hotlist entry'. From that point of view, a URL that
>> merely invoked the browser's "back" button wouldn't be useful.
Ok, that's one take on this. But, it's not what I had in mind. I had in
mind to duplicate the functionality of the "back" button that many browsers
are now using. If that takes you back to an index or a full text search,
then so be it. In fact, it is in the context of designing a search system
that this problem comes up. When you factor in HTML that is generated
"on-the-fly", this all becomes more difficult with the various solutions
that use <LINK> in the header and what not.

>Why not just move a brower's page `back' and `forward' buttons into a
>document control button bar? Then, any buttons implied by LINK elements
>could be added next to them. e.g:
> ______ ______ _________ _____ _______ __________ ______ ____________
> | Home || Back | Forward |**| ToC | Index | Previous | Next | Local Home |
> ------ ------ --------- ----- ------- ---------- ------ ------------
Fine. I want ^ this button, only I want to be able to display it
whereever I want on the page. I think a button bar is a great idea too,
but that's not what we are here for in the html-wg. I think all we need to
do is provide a mechanism, or some agreed upon standard, for making such a
button appear, along with the semantics that it causes your browser to pop
it's history stack.

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