Re: REL and REV attributes (Was: More comments on HTML 3.0)

Paul Burchard (
Thu, 27 Apr 95 23:07:54 EDT

Larry Masinter <>
> Yes, a separate RFC: `Link types in HTML' would make an
> excellent way of separating out the topic. We'd need a
> volunteer to write an internet draft and push through
> until we get consensus so we can move it to standards track.

I've been working on ideas for an improved link model for HTML and
other Web formats. It's a bit more ambitious than just a list of
link types -- my goal was to bring the Web's link model closer to
the sophistication of other multimedia systems. Some of the
features that I wanted to address were:

* A framework for link relationships and link activation conditions.
* Multiple anchors/multiple targets for a single structured link.
* Arbitrary length structured URIs and client-side URI modifiers.

I'll post an outline here after folding in some of the interesting
points made in this discussion. As an RFC, I'd like to see an
abstract link model specified, with "bindings" to HTML and VRML.

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