Re: REL and REV attributes (Was: More comments on HTML 3.0)

Craig Hubley (
Thu, 27 Apr 95 23:33:27 EDT

> Yes, a separate RFC: `Link types in HTML' would make an excellent way
> of separating out the topic. We'd need a volunteer to write an
> internet draft and push through until we get consensus so we can move
> it to standards track.

(I am afraid that) I already volunteered with my previous message offering
to collect up link types and repost to this list. If someone feels they
are better qualified (I have never been primary author of an RFC before)
please speak up. Several of the most active speakers on the issue here
(Murray from SCO Canada, Lee from SoftQuad, Ian from U Toronto) are local
so I expect we could hold productive local working group meetings...?

We'd have to co-ordinate closely with anyone working on REL/REV and other
means of specifying/codifying link types. Can't define the standard types
without reference to the type-definition mechanism.

Anyway here's your volunteer, if you want me.

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