Standardized links and link types RFC (Was: REL and REV attributes)

Dan Connolly (
Fri, 28 Apr 95 00:47:51 EDT

Craig Hubley writes:
> As all the people named here save one are within a few blocks of me here in
> Toronto, and since Murray and I have the most diametrically opposed positions,
> (which appear to me to be reconciled by taking the list of types out of HTML),
> and since he represents a vendor company, and I a set of authoring communities,
> and since in a previous life he was working with CALS standards, and I with the
> local-area hypermedia systems (and later the first web browsers back in '91 or
> whenever that was...!), I think maybe he and I should author the draft together.

Go go go!

By the way... if you figure out any nice tools for writing RFC's, let
me know. I've been hacking all sorts of tools, and I'm not happy with
any of them.

> Whatever we can agree on, will probably be both minimal and necessary... as a
> standard should be...!