Re: REL and REV attributes -- a new RFC?

Ian Graham (
Fri, 28 Apr 95 09:41:59 EDT

Yes -- absolutely.

This is a nice, simple list that does not preclude more sophisticated
relationships at a later date. I am certainly interested in pursuing
this, and since Murray and Craig are just around the corner (albeit
different corners), I would be very happy to help.

Should we move this to a separate mailing list?


> Murray volunteers to write an I-D on reserved words for REL/REV:
> > What say you?
> I have been pushing for acceptance of document specific toolbars
> based on LINK for some time. Can we take on board these ideas as
> expressed in the HTML3 I-D?
> If Murray provide the document in HTML form, I will reference it
> from the online HTMl3 document files, otherwise, I would like to
> continue to cover this material in the HTML3 document.
> For instance:
> o REL and REV remain open-ended CDATA strings with the ability
> for authors to define their own names.
> o The I-D defines a set of reserved keywords from this open-ended
> space of names for REL/REV attributes.
> o Some reserved words are defined for use with document specific
> toobars/menus while others are defined for specific purposes
> o Some reserved words are held back for future definition
> Here is my suggested list for toolbars/menus:
> (toolbars can be customised with icons via stylesheets)
> HOME -- defined by browser --
> BACK "