Re: color text?
Sun, 30 Apr 95 14:00:35 EDT

Philip Trauring writes:

> Do these style sheets work only at the <BODY> level or will they also
> work at the <P> level? If they do not, as the idea of a style sheet to me
> seems to imply the whole page, then might it make sense to add a color
> coding setting to the <P> tag? This would be very good for
> differentiating between different texts on a single page, such as a
> question and answer sheet.

They work at any level. You can attach a style binding to any tag, or
any specific tag (by using the 'CLASS' attribute on the tag). Right now,
you can do:


Where am I?


I believe arena makes you use p[question], but H&kon said he would be
changing this to the . notation.

-Bill P.