Re: keyword tag?

Marc Salomon (
Mon, 1 May 95 17:09:51 EDT

On May 1, 12:34pm, wrote:
> Subject: Re: keyword tag?
> > I would like for HTML documents to have some facility to communicate
> > to an indexing tool (a web worm/spider/etc) what the author believes
> > is significant.
> This should NOT be part of any HTML specification. This fall into the
> category of metadata, or what librarians call cataloging data...
> information that describes an object for the purpose of resource
> discovery, access control, and archiving.

Yes, but...

While high-end information providers will be able to sustain the effort
required to maintain such indexes, there is still a need for a simple scheme
for annotating in-line content as metadata. Something along the lines of a
<KW> tag that didn't get special rendering would be nice and simple. It should
be easy, on the low end, for a document author to mark up keywords.

In Danvers, TimBL mentioned that we should make it recommended practice for
user agents not to render any unrecognized tags that occur within the <HEAD>
element. This is a good idea, although it might choke some HTML checkers. I
would like, as a first step, to see the <HEAD> element fleshed out with some
simple indexing tags, or perhaps a reference (<LINK>?) to a metadata DTD
describing the meta content of this <HEAD> tag instance. <META> might be OK
for many uses, but its limitation is the empty content model, that means you
have to cram everything into an attribute.

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