Re: color text?

Corp Reed (
Mon, 1 May 95 20:22:47 EDT

>>>>> "EB" == Eric Bina <> writes:
EB> Seems to me, if everyone who wants to have customized funky colors
EB> on their home page has their own style-sheet, then the style-sheet
EB> above usually will NOT be in my cache.

However, if instead of doing funky colors on a home page, you are
presenting a series of documents with internally consistent styles,
cached style sheets would seem to be a more effective way of doing it.

This would seem to be especially true for longer examples like the one
in Hakon's example, <>, where other
things are being done besides setting colors.

Giving a non-random example, <URL:>, each
of those 3 journals on the printed page have a distinct 'style' which
style-sheets can recreate and all the documents for a particular
journal use the same style sheet. Having those style sheets cached
would probably be of benefit.

IMHO, of course