Re: html 3.0 - banners ok - where is the trailer?
Tue, 2 May 95 04:10:49 EDT

>> In the draft-ietf-html-specv3-00.txt
>> there is the possibility to have a "banner". Either through
>> the LINK or the BANNER tag.
>> This is very nice and much wanted, but it is also very common to have
>> a trailer (or footer) at the end of each page also with thinks like those
>> used in the banner.
>The HTML3 spec doesn't specify whether the banner should appear at the top
>or bottom of the browser window.
>You could use the class attribute to subclass the banner for this, and
>some people have asked for an alignment attribute for explicit control
>rather than via style sheets. Do we really want to fix the position
>in the HTML standard?

I would like to have both a "header" and a "footer", that is a fixed part
at the top and bottom. Can I specify two "BANNER"s with different
class attributes so that one is displayed at the top and one at the bottom?


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