Re: color text?
Tue, 2 May 95 09:32:36 EDT

Eric Bina writes:
> > Except you can also do:
> >
> > <link rel=stylesheet href=foobar.sty>
> >
> > which will not be shown by any not-completely-broken browser. With
> > caching on the client side, this is not that big of a performance hit.
> Seems to me, if everyone who wants to have customized funky colors on their
> home page has their own style-sheet, then the style-sheet above usually
> will NOT be in my cache.
> Even if it is in my cache, the browser should at least to a ping to the
> server to see if the document has changed from the cached version.
> Both of these require a second net connection which can be a LARGE overhead.

Then use 'Content-type: text/html ; version=3.0' and content negotiation,
and put it in the <style></style> tags if performance is that huge an
issue. The fetching of style sheets should of course always be tunable by
the user. 'Only fetch stylesheets from, always turn them off from, prompt otherwise' or some such.

Another big win to using the link statement is that if a company wants to
have all their pages in black on white, they don't have to replicate

<body bgcolor=#FFFFFF foreground=#0000>


doc: color.text = black
doc: color.background = white

In _every_ document on their server. They can just have the:

<link rel=stylesheet href="/styles/companywide.sty">

Then if they decide everything needs to be in yellow on red 24 point
helvetica, they can do it by changing just one file.

This same issue of backwards compatibility comes up with many things,
tables, math, and <fig>ures included.

-Bill P.