Re: keyword tag, REL, REV, TYPE, INDEX....

Dave Raggett (
Tue, 2 May 95 11:55:14 EDT

> 1. The desire for simple (binary) LINK element relationships, that can be
> used by a browser to (a) construct customized button bars linked to
> certain resources, (b) preload special document, (c) other, as
> yet undefined, actions.

> Typical relationships of this type might be: Previous, NExt, ToC,
> LocalHome ..... (choose names you like, folks!) This is the simplest
> REL/REV scheme, and probably the only one that can easily be
> implemented. Browsers don't even need to know what the REL names
> mean -- they could simply put up a menu button, with a label equal to
> the REL attributes value, and link it to the associated URL.

This isn't quite right. The relation names are to be regarded as
reserved keywords as emphasized by Larry Masinter. The rendering of
the links as a menu or toolbar would then use labels and icons as
appropriate to the browser's local language, e.g. French!

For this to work we need to define a small set of keywords with
clearly defined semantics. This is what the HTML3 Internet Draft
attempts to do, and I welcome the interest of others to work on
developing this list further.

Note that for HTML3 I propose the use of REL=Bookmark together
with the TITLE attribute as a way for authors to extend this closed
set of keywords for a list of labeled bookmarks, where the label
is given literally by the TITLE attribute value. I also raise the
issue of whether we may want to include support for hierarchical
bookmarks as supported by Adobe's PDF.

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