Re: color text?

Lou Montulli (
Tue, 2 May 95 15:56:28 EDT

On May 2, 3:09pm, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
> Subject: Re: color text?
> On Tue, 2 May 1995, Eric Bina wrote:
> > > Well, Netscape's <BODY> element BACKGROUND attribute will cause
> > > just as many cache misses as external stylesheets will if everyone
> > > who wants to have a customized funky background uses a local .GIF to
> > > achieve this effect.
> >
> > An external BACKGROUND GIF requires one extra net access.
> > A BODY specifying BGCOLOR and TEXT color require none.
> >
> > An external stylesheet which specifies a background GIF requires
> > two extra net accesses.
> > An external stylesheet that specifies a background color and text color
> > requires one extra net access.
> Which of course is why you're working on HTTP/1.1, which will make all
> inlined requests batchable, meaning a maximum of two connects (or even
> HTTP-NG, which will mean a max of 1 connect). 3 separate files will soon
> not demand 3 separate accesses.

Three cheers for HTTP-NG, it will save the world! :) Now how about
progressive layout? We shouldn't force all the style sheet information
to be parsed before any of the document can be layed out. Are we
going to allow multiple <STYLE> tags so that style information can
be defined just before its use and documents can be layed out
in an entirely progressive manner.

If we don't have a means for entirely progressive layout, slow connection
users will curse our names for all eternity.


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