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Alex Hopmann (
Tue, 2 May 95 17:11:27 EDT

>On May 2, 3:09pm, Brian Behlendorf wrote:
>> Subject: Re: color text?
>> On Tue, 2 May 1995, Eric Bina wrote:
>> > > Well, Netscape's <BODY> element BACKGROUND attribute will cause
>> > > just as many cache misses as external stylesheets will if everyone
>> > > who wants to have a customized funky background uses a local .GIF to
>> > > achieve this effect.
>> >
>> > An external BACKGROUND GIF requires one extra net access.
>> > A BODY specifying BGCOLOR and TEXT color require none.
>> >
>> > An external stylesheet which specifies a background GIF requires
>> > two extra net accesses.
>> > An external stylesheet that specifies a background color and text color
>> > requires one extra net access.
>> Which of course is why you're working on HTTP/1.1, which will make all
>> inlined requests batchable, meaning a maximum of two connects (or even
>> HTTP-NG, which will mean a max of 1 connect). 3 separate files will soon
>> not demand 3 separate accesses.
>Three cheers for HTTP-NG, it will save the world! :) Now how about
>progressive layout? We shouldn't force all the style sheet information
>to be parsed before any of the document can be layed out. Are we
>going to allow multiple <STYLE> tags so that style information can
>be defined just before its use and documents can be layed out
>in an entirely progressive manner.
>If we don't have a means for entirely progressive layout, slow connection
>users will curse our names for all eternity.
I think the issues, especially for the slow connection users go beyond this.
If we have to transmit a couple K of style info throughout the document when
we really just want to have a formatting tag or two (And once again I am
talking about "lightweight" usages rather than "corporate publishing"), it
is an incredible waste of time for slow speed connections.

I am starting to writeup a proposal for "character" formatting which I
brought up in San Jose. For right now you can check it out at:

Note: This is still in a very rough stage.

Alex Hopmann
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