Re: color text?

Dave Raggett (
Wed, 3 May 95 10:08:55 EDT

> I think the issues, especially for the slow connection users go beyond this.
> If we have to transmit a couple K of style info throughout the document when
> we really just want to have a formatting tag or two (And once again I am
> talking about "lightweight" usages rather than "corporate publishing"), it
> is an incredible waste of time for slow speed connections.

Actually, the style notation reduces file size as compared to formatting tags
The <FONT> tags are a case in point. Declaring that say H2's should be
show in bigcaps once in the <STYLE> element saves endlessly repeating the
same <FONT size="+3">...<FONT size="-3"> kind of thing. This holds up if
when you subclass the H2's with a class attribute.

The <STYLE> element saves space and allows efficient dynamic display!
It also keeps your documents clean and easier to maintain.

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