Re: keyword tag?

Steven Fought (
Wed, 3 May 95 10:15:55 EDT

On May 3, 10:05am, "Dave Raggett" wrote:
} Subject: Re: keyword tag?
} > [Steven Fought:]
} > | Personally, I would like to be able to "type" parts of my documents. A
} > | trivial example would be:
} > |
} > | <TYPE name="location/city">Hope</TYPE>
} HTML3 includes a generic CLASS attribute for this kind of thing.
} Rather than continually changing the spec to add new tags - a bottomless
} pit, you subclass existing HTML tags to make the distinctions you need
} e.g. your example could be handled as:
} <dfn class="">Hope</dfn>
} Subclassing HTML tags in this way allows you to carry on using your
} current Web browser without having to take the hit on interoperability
} from switching to a custom DTD plus downloading the DTD and style sheet.

Sounds like just the ticket. Can the HTML3 style sheets specify styles
for classes?


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