Re: color text?

Lou Montulli (
Wed, 3 May 95 19:03:21 EDT

> ><BODY = helvetica; = bold; font.color = #000>
> Please give me a list of all formatting attributes that will ever be
> needed.

There is no need to. We can simply add to the list when needed.
This is exactly what you are planning to do with style sheets.

> The above goes against a fundamental tenet of SGML (and after a long
> painful period of debate, HTML), which is that the data should be as
> independent as possible from style information.

Oh please, not this again. Stop trying to invent fundamental tenets
that don't exist. SGML is a syntactical language than can express
formatting equally as well as content based markup. Trying to claim
SGML as a "content" only language is an outright lie.


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