Re: Suppressed content in HEAD: myth or reality?

Bert Bos (
Thu, 4 May 95 09:54:55 EDT

Eric Bina:
|Any good suggestions on what to do when the user opens a <HEAD> and
|forgets to close it?
|<HEAD> info should not be displayed. Here is a case in which the browser
|should be strict about what is accepted... if no assumption about a
|closed HEAD is made, then the document will not display, which should
|immediately become apparent to the author.
|The added side effect is that the community is protected in some small
|way from authors who do not test their documents ;-)

A case of deja vu: a long time ago, Mosaic had its own peculiar notion
of what an SGML comment looked liked and where it ended. After that
was fixed, suddenly a lot of documents appeared to be completely

But with respect to the maxim: "don't display data in the HEAD", I
don't see what's the problem. The DTD is not ambiguous, and if HTML
version 8.509 adds new elements, the document will be labeled as
"8.509", right?

The question is only: what is the most sensible heuristic in the
unlikely case that you find a syntax error and the two other
heuristics ("display nothing in HEAD" and "display everything in
BODY") are in conflict. OK, so let's recommend to UA writers: "in case
of ambiguity, use rule 1" (or rule 2, I don't care).


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