Re: Presentation info in HTML? [was: color text?]

Alan Karben (
Thu, 4 May 95 13:58:00 EDT

>>But for advertising, journalism, creative art, and many other equally
>>noble persuits, there is no motivation to separate presentation from
>>the content.

>[Gavin Nicol]
>Well, advertising and creative are emphasise art, not the written

No motivation in Journalism to identify a byline as a byline? A sidebar as a
sidebar? To group a headline and its subheadline(s) within a parent
container? To keep the abstract of an article as a separate object from the
article itself? Not my thinking.

Identifying content elements in electronic news articles, I believe, is
important for the future success of newspapers.

To address a related issue, I'm for robust style sheets, and if it takes a
while for the wysiwyg tools to come along, it will be worth the wait.
Sacrificing style sheet functionality for the immediate gratification of
being able to edit them *easily* in Notepad and Emacs is, IMHO, just not
worth it.

-- Alan

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