HTML 3.0
Thu, 4 May 95 16:33:42 EDT

This is probably an FAQ, and something you just answered with the last
email message and for that I apologize.

I checked the newsgroups, the website, and the mail archives for
the www lists I could find (this was not one of them). There has been a
recent flurry of activity in the newsgroups concerning html 3.0 as though
there were a FINAL and ADOPTED standard out. Is there or is there not an
html 3.0 released yet?

If so, where is it? makes reference to the Dec 1994 draft. If
not, how can I make sure I will find out about it when it happens. Is
there a mail list that is not internal where the specifics of its release
and content are discussed. I would join www-html but it appears to be
dead since 95-02 according to its archives. If that group is not dead
and is the right one please let me know.

Again sorry to bring up an issue you are probably tired of, but pls refer
somewhere, even if it is an FAQ I somehow missed.

Please reply to me in your response, I am not a member of this, and do
not believe I can join it. If I can join it let me know and I will do
so to track this and other discussion.

Thanks immensely,


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