Re: <style> in the <head> or in the <body> ?

Terry Allen (
Thu, 4 May 95 16:45:02 EDT

Lou re Gavin:
| > 2) It will remove stylesheets from the HTML specification
| > entirely. They really are a separate issue.
| They can never be a separate issue. If there is ever to be
| a common standard it needs to be specified. There is no
| way that browsers are going to interpret 5 different types
| of style sheets.

Why not? if the interpreter is a separate module, you can do
what wp programs do, and convert from a long list of choices.
At the moment, we have serious contenders in both Hakon's
proposal and DSSSL-light, so that's two formats right there,
both of which deserve trial runs.

| > 3) It will ease development of both stylesheet languages and HTML,
| > because development can take place separately.
| How? Stylesheet parsing has to go into HTML parsing engines.
| Whats the use of parsing a stylesheet if your never going
| to apply the style to HTML?

Wrong emphasis. It's useful to split off the stylesheet parsing
so that you can parse various stylesheets. Is part of your objection that
layering things that way limits your choices for optimization
of client (not network) performance?

| > 5) If the style information is separated out, there is a very large
| > chance that stylesheets will either be cached, or a local set will
| > be used, thereby reducing network resource consumtion.
| And in the cases where the style sheet only ever applies to one document
| you waste a tremendous amount of resources by forcing a separate net
| connection.

So both belt and suspenders are appropriate for HTML: linked
style sheets and local style info. Why not?


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