ALT text without an <IMG>? Proposal for new <ALT> tag

Philip Trauring (
Fri, 5 May 95 11:25:14 EDT

Is there a way to display text only if graphics are not displayed? For
example, if you have two graphical buttons with the appropriate ALT text
for text based browsers, you might want a divider to show up between the
text elements but not the graphical ones. Below is an example of one way
which you might try this, but it is not feasible because a blank picture
icon will pop up in graphical browsers for the <img border=0 ALT=" | ">
tag. Is there a way to do this without this side effect? If not, can we
make an <ALT> tag specifically for this purpose? Perhaps the ALT tag could
work similar to the <P></P> combination except it only displays on
text-only browsers...what do people think?


<a href="/holo/research.html"><img border=0 src="/holo/go-research.gif" ALT
= "Return to Research page"></a>
<img border=0 ALT=" | ">
<a href="/holo.html"><img border=0 src="/holo/go-home.gif" ALT = "Return to
Home page"></a>

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