Re: Scope of the HTML 2.0 document

Eric W. Sink (
Fri, 5 May 95 17:32:08 EDT

>I have made commitments that the HTML 2.0 document will be done by May
>31. I would sincerely like to keep them. I'm willing to renegociate
>those commitments, if this working group wants to change the scope of
>the HTML 2.0 spec from:

>My current plan is to conduct a detailed review of the document at its
>current scope over the next week or two, and send it up the IETF
>standards river after that. I'm willing to change that plan, but I
>want everyone to know what we're getting into before I do.

Moving forward is essential. The group has reaffirmed several times that
the most urgent thing is to get this document off our plates. It is not
everyone's perfect dream of a document, but it has been through a lot of review.

I would strongly resist any effort to renegotatiate the scope of this
document. In fact, I would strongly resist any idea which kept us from
getting this done before May 31.

Eric W. Sink
Senior Software Engineer, Spyglass