Re: Last call: Intro, SGML, MIME sections

Dan Connolly (
Fri, 5 May 95 18:02:26 EDT

Francois Yergeau writes:
> I noticed two omissions in the ISO-8859-1 table in an appendix of the
> latest HTML draft: the carriage return is missing at code position 13
> and the non-breaking space at position 160. Both are referred to (and
> rightly so) in the section titled "Character content", and so should
> be in the table.

Murray submitted that table.

Murray: Before I make this change, do you remeber why you labelled 13
and 160 as unused?

 Line feed
 -  Unused

} Right curly brace
~ Tilde
 -   Unused
¡ Inverted exclamation
¢ Cent sign