Re: Postscript woes: help with TeXinfo printing?

Peter Flynn (
Fri, 5 May 95 18:56:41 EDT

I have a few reports that the postscript document I produced
is no good. (prints funky).

Could somebody take the TeXinfo representation:

and run it through TeX and dvips, and post the result somewhere?

curia% tex html-spec.texi
This is TeX, C Version 3.141
(html-spec.texi (texinfo.tex Loading texinfo package [Version 2.108]:
fonts, page headings, tables, indexing, sectioning, toc printing,
environments, defuns, cross reference, and turning on texinfo input
(html-spec.aux) [1] [2] Chapter 1
! You can't use `@unskip' in vertical mode.
@footnote ...tor @the @spacefactor }@/@fi @unskip
@thisfootno @@sf
l.159 @footnote
{There are a number of syntactic idioms that are not


Something wrong somewhere...