HTML draft -02 not on

Dan Connolly (
Fri, 5 May 95 19:52:58 EDT

Paul E. Hoffman writes:
> Greetings. I've downloaded draft-ietf-html-spec-02.txt from Roy's HTML home
> page at ICS. However, when I looked at the "official" WG home page at
> <>, I note
> that they have the -01 version listed as the current draft. Further,
> attepting to retreive
> <> fails.
> Is the -02 version not really the current I-D? What's the status of the I-D?

Sorry... we haven't gotten around to getting the whole thing to look
nice in text format for a while, so we haven't submitted it as an
internet draft. It's 79 pages in text format!

I guess I should submit it ASAP, but it's really volatile right now.