Re: text in the <HR> tag
Fri, 5 May 95 23:07:05 EDT

Philip Trauring writes:

> I'd like to propose that the ability to add text to a horizontal rule
> <HR> be added to HTML. Perhaps adding text="this is the text" and
> aligntext=left|center|right as setting to the <HR> tag. This would make
> marking of sections of a document much easier as dividers could take up
> only one line instead of the three you need now: the <HR> tag, the text,
> and the <P> tage to separate the text from the section. I suppose it's
> debatable how the text should appear, whether or not it is normal text or
> some kind of embossed text to match the line, and whether or not the line
> shows up in spaces. Also, how does the text appear when the HR is a
> loaded graphic? I suppose this changes the content model of the tag, so
> how does one propose a change like this? What do people think?

I've played around with this in emacs-w3, and you can get some
interesting effects. What I did was:

<hr label="Some label" textalign="left|right|center">

-Bill P.