Re: format nego in HTML/10646?

Terry Allen (
Mon, 8 May 95 11:06:32 EDT

| "how do we know if we can display all the characters in a document?"
| isn't really an interesting question.

Different strokes for different folks. It sure interests me.

| What I'd like is just when I try
| ot display Kanji or Hebrew on my system which doesn't have the proper
| fonts that it shows me boxes or a warning instead of garbage.
| I'd rather see
| [characters not displayable]
| instead of
| ]$B;dC#$,%$%s%?!<%M%C%H$KDs6!$7$F$$$k%5!<%9$K$O0J2<$N$b$N$,$"$j$^$9!#](B

I'd like a browser that gave me a choice of
[characters not displayable]
or some indication of the code points in 10646 (corresponding to the
numeric charrefs we've been talking about, though not necessarily
acheived that way):
[UNKNOWN: #62123 #63221 #61002]
which I could look up in my Unicode dictionary if I wanted to.

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