Re: format nego in HTML/10646?

David - Morris (
Tue, 9 May 95 13:17:24 EDT

On Mon, 8 May 1995, Terry Allen wrote:

> I'd like a browser that gave me a choice of
> [characters not displayable]
> or some indication of the code points in 10646 (corresponding to the
> numeric charrefs we've been talking about, though not necessarily
> acheived that way):
> [UNKNOWN: #62123 #63221 #61002]
> which I could look up in my Unicode dictionary if I wanted to.

Yes, that would satisfy me! I want the standard to be clear that it
isn't acceptable to lose content either explictly or as LarryM
illustrated by turning it into a useless character string. With the
above or even simply leaving  I have precise
information about what I'm missing presentation wise AND can talk to
my support person (or more likely be the support person for others).

Dave Morris