Re: Link style sheets [was REL and REV]

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Thu, 11 May 95 09:27:56 EDT

Craig Hubley writes:
> I have not yet seen one reason why REL=next is better than REL="linkas:next",
> given that both would be hardwired into the browser, and there are a number
> of well-defined ways to extend the latter to handle complex browser behavior.

Hmmm! I have been trying to follow this discussion and I have
to admit that I am a bit confused by it. We have, at SCO, a
browser that deals with REL=[previous|next|contents|navigate].
It does not use Java, it is written in C. It works. For me,
that is one good reason why REL=next is better than any scheme
which has never been tried or tested.

But hey, I could be wrong!

Craig's arguments are very interesting, and his proposed solution
promises to offer much greater capabilities and potential for the
future. This potential carries a price though -- a more complex
implementation including support for a semantics specification
language (such as Java).

I like to keep things simple enough so that I can understand them.
I have to admit that I do not fully understand Craig's solution.
Maybe that's perfectly OK, and maybe Craig's solution should be
more fully developed and deployed. Or, maybe we need to, simply,
carry on from where Tim started.

I'd like to hear from some others -- Dan, Terry, Lou, Dave, Tim,
Eric(s), Tom, Stu, Yuri, Paul?