Re: Link style sheets [was REL and REV]

Albert Lunde (
Thu, 11 May 95 12:24:12 EDT

I think we should start by looking at a list of meaning for REV and REL as
descriptive attributes of links also defined by conventional HREFs.

That is, they should express some sort of relationship between the source
and destintation document locations that is refered to some sort of
abstract model of hypertext and/or some notions of document semantics.

For example: "This link/HREF is next in the linear order you should read
this document".

or: "This link points to the table of contents".

Some of these have optional implications for browser behavior, some do not.

The point that we might want to specify multiple relations seems quite
reasonable, thought we can do this with multiple <LINK> tags in the <HEAD>.

There is another class of REL (or something) attributes that may define
browser behavior unrelated to conventional HREF links. As I noted before
this is also depended on some abstract model: A "Back" button means
something different for a history list than a history stack.

I am skeptical about URI notation for hacking in browser behavior, but I
might be convinced.

However, I think we should decide what we are talking about before we fix
the notation.

Thus I'd like to see more than a list of REL names, I'd like to see at
least one or two paragraph discriptions of what it is proposed that will
they mean.

I also think we should settle some basics (defining the REL values that
have been floating around for some time) before we try to bring in the
kitchen sink.

    Albert Lunde