Re: Revised language on: ISO/IEC 10646 -- another proposal

Albert Lunde (
Fri, 12 May 95 09:38:47 EDT

> Albert writes:
> ...
> >On the other hand, it allows the construction of document character sets
> that are supersets and extensions of ISO10646 by adding code position
> beyond its range or using unused positions.
> Why is that useful for HTML? doesn't it get us back into the business
> of shipping around arbitrary SGML decls?

Or shipping around references to _some_ additional information.

I don't claim it's widely useful: I put it in because people seemed
to want something like this (by the objections to the Dan's language).

Like others I feel that the use of ISO10646 as a document character
set is a 95% (or better) solution: this just says that people who
want to try that 5% can do so -- but doesn't promise it will
be pretty ;)

    Albert Lunde