RFC's In HTML Format

Walter Houser (houser@cpcug.org)
Sat, 13 May 95 17:31:44 EDT


My apologies in advance for not lurking but I need the html-wg's advice.
I'm principal author of an FAQ for the IETF EDI working group and have
produced the FAQ in both ascii and html format. The conversion to html was
a tedious process, and I do not look forward to maintaining parallel
versions. Nor do I want to convert lovingly crafted html into prosaic text.

I've suggested to the EDI WG that I propose to update/replace RFC 1111 so
that html can join txt and ps as legitimate formats on the IETF ftp server.
With Dave Crocker's tacit blessing, I'm raising it with html-wg.

If there is agreement that this is the place to do this work, I'll work up
the text and run it up the flagpole. This shouldn't take very long, but the
result should make the RFC editor's life (Raggett, Connolly, mine) a lot
easier. It will also address the issue I raised at Danvers about the lack
of availability of draft html v3 specs on ds.internic.net. (The html could
be ftp'd into ds.internic.net without conversion to ascii.)

Walt Houser

BTW I searched through the archive at
http:www.acl.lanl.gov/HTML_WG/archives.html and found no references to
"format" in previous discussions. Apologies in advance if this have been
addressed already and point me to the appropriate thread.


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