Re: Link style sheets [was REL and REV]

Mike Meyer (
Sun, 14 May 95 15:56:57 EDT

> If a browser implements, or can look up, links of type 'SCOnav', then
> it executes the named function.

Ok - it's just a namespace indicator. I still think they shouldn't be
called a URL, or look like one.

Was there a formal proposal for this posted? If so, could you provide
a pointer to it? If not, then there are more questions.

> > what kind of thing should the browser expect to find? An enhanced
> > style sheet? If it doesn't specify an object, then it shouldn't be
> > called a URL, and probably shouldn't look like what. In that case,
> So you object to "mailto:..." as well ?

Nope - mailto: specifies an object (a maildrop address), and a
protocol (usually SMTP). More importantly, if I issue the command
"lynx" lynx will send mail to you.

What should happen if I issue the command "lynx linkas:html3/next" ?

> I really don't see the big issue.

The issue is avoiding things that will lead to user errors.