Re: Link style sheets [was REL and REV]

Mike Meyer (
Sun, 14 May 95 19:27:26 EDT

> I guess you don't see the value of links as first class 'resources' ?
> Tim did. R=Resource not R=Destination. Not all URIs are destinations,
> necessarily.

They're also Locators. How does the namespace you're building help
locate something?

> > The issue is avoiding things that will lead to user errors.
> They can still use the short list of names, if that's all they want.

Different user bases. You're talking about authors; I was talking
about people running clients.

> I just want those names to abbreviate some larger, hierarchical, consistent
> namespace of functions, so that when we have 500 of them from 50 vendors

This seems like a worthwhile goal. I'd like to see a formal proposal
for a mechanism that can do that. Trying to critique a few examples is
akin to tilting at windmills.

On the other hand, it appears that this namespace and the URL
namespace are describing distinctly different things. Making them look
them same invites confusion and user errors, which I assume we both
want to avoid.