[ANNOUNCE] Pre-Release of WISE: A WWW-Based Software Metrics Tool

Jack R. Callahan (callahan@cerc.wvu.edu)
Mon, 15 May 95 16:58:53 EDT

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* http://research.ivv.nasa.gov/projects/WISE/wise.html *
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* Sponsored by the NASA Software IV&V Facility and the *
* Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) at *
* West Virginia University *
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The Web-Integrated Software metrics Environment (WISE) is the first
WWW-based software management and metrics system available on the
WWW. WISE is a WWW-based tool that provides a framework for managing
software development projects across the Web. Programmers and managers
can log issue reports, track the status of issues, and view project
metrics using standard WWW browsers. WISE provides a non-intrusive
method to coordinate project activities and allow software development
teams to view their progress and performance.

The purpose of the WISE project is to demonstrate the viability of
metrics collection and use in our own projects. Our project was
inspired by the Experience Factory work by Basili, McGarry and
Pajurski at the NASA Software Engineering Laboratory (SEL). WISE was
developed as a "practice what you preach" approach to getting software
organizations to collect and use metrics in the management of small
and large scale software development efforts.

The WISE project is sponsored through a cooperative research agreement
between the NASA Software IV&V Facility in Fairmont, West Virginia and
the Concurrent Engineering Research Center (CERC) at West Virginia
University in Morgantown, West Virginia.

To find out more about the WISE system, you can access the WISE Home
Page at URL


The WISE project management software is currently under internal
development, use, and test. This summer, we will expand our
distribution of WISE to Alpha sites and release the first version of
WISE in September 1995. Alpha sites will be responsible for providing
feedback on bugs and needed enhancements. To run the WISE Alpha
version, you will need the following platform and tools:

Solaris 2.3 or greater
Netscape version 1.1 (with tables)
Oracle version 6 or 7
Access to Oracle runtime library

If you would like to be considered as an Alpha site for WISE, please
send mail to the NASA/WVU IV&V Research Project at:


or contact Sudhakar Ramakrishnan for more information
(sudhakar@cerc.wvu.edu). We will select Alpha sites to collaborate
with in June 1995.