WG Citation Attribution - a Plea!

David - Morris (dwm@shell.portal.com)
Mon, 15 May 95 20:38:45 EDT

Folks, I have noticed a recent trend to clip comments from a post,
sometimes even nested comments, with not attribution.

First, I believe this is unfair to the originator (and respectfully
request that my comments not be cited w/o attribution). From my
perspective it is appropriate to subset my comments with the objective
of setting context as long as my intent isn't altered.

SECONDLY and I believe more important, when I'm following a thread
I maintain a sense of the position the various participants are
favoring. Knowing WHO said what really helps speed the digestion of
the discussion. This is particularily true when a response arrives
before the original post.

We would all benefit greatly if context clipping could be replaced
by hypertext references, etc., but that won't be this month. So
in the meantime I believe we can make this work better for all of us.

Dave Morris