Re: Re(2): HTML Documents (SGML text)

Craig Hubley (
Tue, 16 May 95 02:17:25 EDT

> the SGML group agrees with you to some degree. We've been arguing for
> distributed texts for years, but ISO seems immovable. In fact, they've
> recently been pushing further restrictions on electronic distribution of
> standards even within their committees. IMHO, it's silly, but there's not much
> I can do about it.

Well, this will eventually be solved by an anonymous remailer. The Church of
Scientology has spent hundreds of thousands pursuing whoever-posted-their
'secrets' without success (so far). It's easy enough to do 'unofficially'.
Just as unofficially, I doubt there's an SGML vendor out there who hasn't
scanned in the standard to handle it internally.

Wasn't there a move recently to give IETF standards some kind of ISO status,
at least as drafts ? If so that would necessitate a review of ISO policy.
At least a subset of its standards would *always* be available electronically.

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