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From: Craig Hubley
Subject: Re: My x-dead x-body [was] Re: HTML Link Type Model Date:
1995-05-17 17:00
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> each of us from adopting x-following and having a name conflict. It
> doesn't help document authors or software authors change to the real
> term later. The risk of doing an experiment without x- is a future
> conflict. Exactly the same risk and possibly less future work if the
> experimental term is actually adopted.
> If experimental distinction is really needed then perhaps a
> naming authority should register prefixes like dwm- joe- roy- sco-
> where there would at least be uniqueness. Any organization with
> a domain name could use it in lieu of registration (e.g.,

I think informal conventions should work fine. We don't need to set up a
naming authority. If the impelmentors do this, and authors do this, and
standards bodies stick to this convention when defining new link types
for industry-specific applications, I think we can keep it all straight.

I can only think of one or two vendors who would not consult the list
of common types before inventing their own, and even Mic... er I mean
even these vendors, would not want to deliberately break documents.
And probably would want to put some kind of free-advertising prefix on
the links they implement. There is more than enough incentive to
steer clear of naming conflicts. It's the 'accidents' we have to
worry about.
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