Re: Definitions of semantic format elements

Larry Masinter (
Thu, 18 May 95 03:32:39 EDT

In reply to my request that CITE, CODE, EM explain the definitions of
the semantics, Dave Morris suggested:

> BUT reflecting on Larry's comments it occured to me that there a number
> of discipline specific style books as well as some general ones. When
> HTML is marking document structure for common textual authoring idioms
> like citation, I think it would be good if we could include a generic
> reference to 'the style guide' on which the UA rendering is based
> and leave it to a higher authority to assure consistant interpretation.

> New structures introduced by HTML, for example <code> or <pre> we
> would need to provide more guidance for.

It wouldn't bother me if these were defined by reference to a style
book, but I would still prefer at least a sentence in the standard
itself, if only to point the reader to the appropriate section.