HTML Links and Paths

Murray Maloney (murray@sco.COM)
Sat, 20 May 95 16:49:41 EDT

Terry Allen writes:
> Murray Maloney writes:
> |
> | You can't really have multiple BEGIN or END <LINK>s
> | pointing to different URLs. How the heck would a
> | user agent deal with that? I'll have to put in a
> | note to that effect when I republish my proposal.
> <LINK class="pathone" begin="http://foo">
> <LINK class="pathtwo" begin="http://goo">

Actually I think that you meant:

<LINK class="pathone" REL=begin HREF="http://foo">
<LINK class="pathtwo" REL=begin HREF="http://goo">

> You can have them. How the UA deals with them is another matter.

OK, you are right, you can have them. But before I go
putting something like this in the proposal, I wonder
if we could figure out how a UA might deal with this?

Being able to define and follow paths through a docuverse
is a key part of the ongoing development of HTML and the WWW
-- my assertion -- and I think that we need ways to include
path definitions and relationships within HTML documents
as well as in related documents which on;y contain path info.

I'd like to see a real simple processing model and
an unambiguous UI described. If it is not simple, then
someone probably won't understand it -- likely me.

If it seems worthwhile to develop a thread on this topic,
please respond with "HTML Links and Paths" as the subject.