Looking for help.....HTML Questions\Feedback

Wallace, Jonathan M. (jonathan.wallace@meaddata.com)
Tue, 23 May 95 09:52:49 EDT

HTML 3.0 Questions

I have a couple of questions regarding HTML and even after reading all
the available literature I can find I am still confused about a few
issues. Can anyone point me in the right direction on any of the
following questions? I will be forever in your debt. Thanks

1) What is the proper use of the <AU> tag? Should it go around just the
name of the author, or has there been any discussion on whether it should
also surround a bio or brief description that often follows the author's
name as well. Does it have (or will it have) any displayable attributes
that will distinguish it from surrounding text?

2) Is there now or will there be a tag to hold copyright info? What is
the proper format?

3) From what I have been able to find, tags are case insensitive, but
entities are not. For example, &amp; should be translated to an
ampersand, but &AMP; is not? What is the logic\reasoning behind this?

4) Some viewers do not requrie changing a char34 (") to a &quot; Is this
really necessary? Is it requried only within certain tags? Why the
inconsistency? Is there a safe rule of thumb to follow for now?

5) Is there a default for the Lang attribute? If I set the LANG
attribute at the very top of a document, do all the tags below it assume
the same language? If that is true, why doesn't the <HTML> tag istself
allow for a LANG attribute (or is it taken from the <!doctype HTML
public "-//W30//DTD W3 HTML 3.0//EN"> tag? Is it ok to leave the Lang
attribute off of body formatting tags and still be "100% compliant" ?

6) Are there any plans to adopt the Netscape <HR size=> , <Font Size=+n>
, and other nifty tags? I do not see the font size tag being discussed
in 3.0 documents. Is that an indication that it is not being considered?
Is there an alternative for manipulating relative font sizes that is
currently supported (other than h1-h6)?

7) What is an example of a URN in the <HTML> tag? Are there any naming
conventions to follow? Any length limits?