Re: RFC's In HTML Format
Tue, 23 May 95 12:07:18 EDT

At 09:15 AM 5/15/95 PDT, Larry Masinter wrote:
>It's very useful to have embedded images in some RFCs. You'll have to
>decide how to deal with those in the internet-drafts directory. HTML
>(currently) makes no provision for including them inline; either you

How does one put embedded images in text versions? HTML is a text format;
one could make the same "graphic" in either .txt. or .htm
Or on could use .ps which is no change from current practice.

>have to disallow embedded images, or else specify a naming convention
>that makes them obvious in the internet-drafts directory.

We already have such a naming convention in RFC 822 ... :-)

>Also, 'All links shall be to normative documents of equivalent status'
>doesn't make sense, really. All HTML documents link to 'locations'
>now; there is no URN standard that would allow you to link to a RFC no

My goal was to allow links to standards maintained by other standards bodies.

>matter what repository it came from. Thus, I think you should
>probably say that 'No links (except within the document) are allowed,
>except in the 'references' section, where they are to be treated as
>advisory rather than normative.

I am looking for a way to incorporate normative documents by reference. Is
that a mistake?

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