Looking for help.....HTML Questions\Feedback

H&kon W Lie (howcome@w3.org)
Thu, 25 May 95 09:19:53 EDT

Jonathan M. Wallace writes:

> 6) Are there any plans to adopt the Netscape <HR size=> , <Font Size=+n>
> , and other nifty tags? I do not see the font size tag being discussed
> in 3.0 documents. Is that an indication that it is not being considered?
> Is there an alternative for manipulating relative font sizes that is
> currently supported (other than h1-h6)?

Yes, style sheets will offer this functionality. For background
information, see http://www.w3.org/hypertext/WWW/Style/

Currently, emacs-w3 and arena has initial implementations of HTML
style sheets.


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