Re: Comment Declarations
Tue, 30 May 95 16:10:20 EDT

I thought James Clark's prose was nice: accurate, yet short
and to the point. I just changed "one or more" to "zero or more"
to allow for <!>.

See what you think:

|To include comments in an HTML document, use a comment declaration. A
|comment declaration consists of `<!' followed by zero or more comments
|followed by `>'. Each comment starts with `--' and includes all text
|up to and including the next occurrence of `--'. In a comment
|declaration, white space is allowed after each comment, but not before
|the first comment. The entire comment declaration is ignored.

I agree with this entirely. I was concerned that the piece Joe quoted
allowed for an odd number of COMs. The critical difference between Dan'/
James' words and Joe's is that D/J talk about zero or more comments,
Joe talked about zero or more COM delimiters.