Thu, 1 Jun 95 13:57:45 EDT

Dave's point is well made. Either someone has to comb the archives
and make value judgements about who should be on the list, or we should
adopt a blanket acknowledgement.

I say go with the blanket acknowledement.


Dave Morris writes:

> It wasn't difficult for me to verify that the list was incomplete
> and on refelection that several other active contributors are missing.
> So my feeling is that it would be better to not list the whole
> working group but rather just acknowledge the group.
> How about:
> Special thanks to the many active participants in the HTML
> working group, too numerous to list individually, without
> whom there would be no standards process and no standard.
> That this document approaches its objective of carefully
> converging a description of current practice and formalization
> of HTML's relationship to SGML is a tribute to their
> effort.